The 2014 North American international Auto show is about to hit the world, and therefore, it is the high time to find out and decide which cars and trucks have become finalists to participate in the most prestigious North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year Awards.  Three finalists required from cars segment and three from tucks/utility segment, from the prominent American brands. Rest two third of the finalists belong to either General Motors or Chrysler. Ford is not in the list this year. You can also find models from Mazda and Acura in the contest. Here is the list of car finalists that participate in the 2014 North American international Auto show- Cadillac CTS Chevrolet Corvette... [Read more...]

Certainly seeing you baby car meeting with an accident can be the worst shock that you can ever digest and what could be worst if it is Mazda 3. Oh yes!  The news has recently come up, where the car got rolled out so badly, that it was so difficult to get even the tow facility and drag the car to the service center, if you don’t believe this news, and then you can certainly take a look at the video. In the video you can see how the worst science tuned out to be the disastrous one for the car like Mazda 3 which is one amazing concept that has been launched in the market so far. About Mazda3 Also known as the Mazda Axela in Japan, it is one of the best yet compact car which was ever designed.... [Read more...]

The current reports have come up, that so many artists have been taking an initiative to showcase the amazing concepts of the car though their creativity with great colorful ideas. One such concept has been raised by the great Graffiti artist Banksy who has portrayed Mazda Protege.  About the artist The artist has got years if experience and is currently residing in New York City. He is known for the different graffiti arts which he has put up in different exhibitions and shows and is aid to be one of the best performers. About the car Mazda is one of the popular Japanese automaker company that has managed to sell quite a lot number of cars globally. The base line of the company is to produce... [Read more...]

Mazda 3, the next driver’s car is ready to woo the market in 2014 and this compact sedan is very much under the radar of the car lovers.  The car has already established its fan club through the pictures, but the real car is definitely much smarter than it. The low height design of the car with the wide body has made this car look better and sportier. The car is being introduced with certain amendments to make it stand well ahead of its competitors. What can one expect from this new Mazda 3? There is lot to expect from the new Mazda 3. The car can look forward to get the eye catchy looks, spirited performance and of course loads of features. The wheel base of the car is increased by about... [Read more...]

Hear the Passing of Mazda Furai from its Concept Designer

Cars have been one of the most interesting subjects for many people. Especially the young people and children love to know about cars. It has been seen that the car companies manufacture many models that are not meant for the common people. They are mainly used by those who take part in the car racing competitions. Mazda, which is a very renowned company, has also taken the same strategy to make its newer cars popular among the people. Let’s see through the whole event in brief. When the news about the killing of Mazda Fuari came to the office of various car magazines an environment of mourning was created. It has been one of the coolest cars on the race track. Many renowned car racers have... [Read more...]

Mazda 3 Configurator Now Officially Out

This all new Mazda 3 that is expected to boost the company sales for the year 2014 is all set to roll on the roads.  It has all latest technology that a car owner will expect to have in his/her car. Fresh design, improved fuel efficiency, outstanding performance and most importantly inexpensive maintenance.  It’s a Hatch Back Version Mazda 3 version for the year 2014 is a hatchback car, with a configurator available. It is a sports five door car, powered by a 2.0 liter Sky active I4 comrade to the six speed transmission. The features include power windows, Bluetooth, audio streaming support, hands free calling and much more. The car is believed to be performing compacts and better driving... [Read more...]

The Mazda Deep Orange 3 is a concept car, engineered and conceived by the students of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research and styled by Frederick Naaman from the Arts University of Pasadena, California. It Is Stylish The car is sporty looking and spacious. Consumers these days desire to have all kinds of attributes in one, however to accommodate all the desires is bit tough but Mazda Deep Orange 3 have so far done it. Even though it is a sports hatchback car it managed to make a room for six. There’s a Seating for Six You don’t believe it unless you see it, but it is true to the fact that this sporty looking car can easily fit six people. If you are thinking... [Read more...]

Car racing has always been a sport that has created an adrenaline rush in the blood stream of the people. Various sports channels have stated that their viewers increase when they show the live telecast of a car race. There are many companies that race with the motto of winning on one day and then selling the car on the next day.  But Mazda had been somewhat different from the others. According to the company racing is one of the best ways with the help of which they can improve their cars. To do this the Japanese car maker is testing its cars on various race courses. The car that has undergone the greatest number of test runs is the Skyactiv-D. It has an engine that uses the power of diesel... [Read more...]

If you are planning to buy a stunning car then Mazda3 is what you are looking for. It is a wonder for the car owners both from the perspective of beauty and driving comfort. It is known fact that evens the good things has some areas to improve.  Why the car is different? The part of the car that has undergone the greatest change is the engine. It is based on a fully new technology. It is naturally aspirated. The best thing about this new technology is that it will make the engine a high-revving one. Mazda has taken the opinion of those people who have already used their cars. Their suggestions have been given due consideration at the time of designing the new engine. According to the rumors... [Read more...]

Is it the truth or just media hogwash: The said to be teaser of Mazda3 2014 sedan? Mazda Motor Corporation is a huge corporation with its start noted to be in the 1920’s. This corporation has products spanning many markets but at the heart they are still car manufacturers. They are currently in the top 20 of the world’s largest car maker’s quantity wise. To Know About Back-End of Mazda They manufacture many series of cars every year. One of the most successful of these series’ is the Mazda3 series. Car enthusiasts have been waiting eagerly for the launch, reveal or even the leak of the information about the 2014 Mazda3. Their wait seems to be over now. This car generally belongs to the... [Read more...]